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B i o g r a p h y

      Hailed as the singer with the angelic voice, 29-year-old Sarah Lonsert began singing and acting as a form of therapy for her High-functioning Autism. Starting therapy at the age of 9, Sarah joined a local musical theatre company to grow both socially and artistically. With her newly discovered talent in singing/acting and to continue her musical education, her mother enrolled her in Deborah Gibson’s “Camp Electric Youth”, a two-week summer program that exposed kids to all different avenues in the music industry. Sarah gravitated toward singing in many different genres, acting, dancing and songwriting. 

       At fourteen, Sarah wrote her first song called “Dancing through Life”, the lyrics of which are dedicated to pursing ones dreams no matter what. The song would go onto win the Overall First Grand prize in the USA National Songwriting Competition while another of her original songs, titled “I Will Rise”, was placed into the short movie, “High Casting”. With this encouragement, Sarah decided to record her first album, “Dreams and Poetry”, at seventeen and it would go onto to win “Best Album” at the 20th annual L.A. Music Awards while Sarah herself won “Best Singer/songwriter”. After finding success with “Dreams and Poetry”, Sarah decided to work on her next studio album “I Will Rise”, named after the titular song.

      Because of her desire to be versatile, Sarah has had many vocal teachers to train her in many different vocal styles, namely Musical Theatre, Classical, and Pop. With the drive to keep challenging and better her performances, she has sung at many acclaimed venues such as; The Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy and Pechanga Casino among many others. 

       Alongside Sarah’s love of music, she has also auditioned for TV shows and movies. Acting has been one of her passions since being introduced to it at “Camp Electric Youth” and has studied acting for both stage and film extensively. She does joke that most of the roles she is cast in usual end up being dead by the end of the movie or episode. She likes to quip, “I always get cast to play the soon to be dead girl, I guess I must look pretty good dead!” 

       In 2013, Sarah was cast as one of the leading characters in Danny Maseng’s musical “Let There Be Light” at Temple Israel of Hollywood. Garnering acclaim with her performance and finding a new friendship with the cast, Sarah continued on with Danny and is now his Cantorial Assistant at his new congregation, Makom LA. Under Danny’s guidance, she began studying Torah to gain a deeper understanding of her Christian faith and religion. 

       Being classically trained, Sarah has continued to pursue her classical voice and it has lead her to many corners of the world. It is thanks to the first vocal summer program of OCAVA run by Dubravka Zubovic, that she was able to perform solely for the first time ever in Rome, Italy, to rave reviews. Finding a new passion for travel, Sarah has also had to great honor to performed classical solo’s in Paris, France at the Eglise Notre-Dame des Blancs-Manteaux and in Trossingen, Germany at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen. Even the German press couldn’t resist writing about her angelic voice and amazing poise on stage. She has also performed in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Russia.

       Sarah has never been one to stray away from the chance to further her education. She has completed her Bachelor of Music at California State University Fullerton, honing her music and vocal skills under the tutelage of many wonderful and talented teachers. To name a few; Dr. Robert Istad, Dr. Mark Goodrich, Dr. Nicole Baker, and Prof. Janet Smith. In the Fall of 2021, she graduated from California State University Northridge with her Masters in Vocal Performance under the instruction of Professor Diane Ketchie.  She also would like to credit her opera coach Mercedes Juan Musotto and acting coach Maurice Godin for helping her in her Master’s Program. Sarah also frequently works with new upcoming composers such as Adriano Aponte and Isaiah Castro, the latter of which wrote a piece specifically for her voice called “Dios Mio”. 

     Recently, Sarah has finished writing and premiering her one-woman cabaret act, “An Evening with Sarah Lonsert”. A show that she directed and wrote, it displayed her multi genre talents while also revealing more about who Sarah is. It was sold out on opening night! She is now working on her second one-woman cabaret which will dive more deeply into her life exploring her love of music called, “I Will Rise”.

     Currently, Sarah sings with the Pacific Chorale in Orange County CA, LA Master Chorale in Los Angeles, the Long Beach Camerata Singers in Long Beach, a cantorial soloist at Makom NY and is a Soprano section lead at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Even with her busy life, she still flies around the country performing in various vocal competitions and audition for both musical theatre and opera alike.

      If you’d like to see Sarah’s full resume of past performances, training, awards, and conductors she has sung under, please inform her on the Contact section of this website!

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